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CSWS Captain Michael Bakk & Moon Society President Peter KokhMembers and Friends,

Every member has the opportunity to work, to be involved, to be needed. It is a basic right of a member of the Calgary Space Workers Society (CSWS) to have an opportunity to share in the challenging work, to move continually toward their potential and our potential as a group. The CSWS give members the opportunity to become involved in what some may consider impossible. Building and providing a place to practice that simulates what it might be like to live on a selestial body.

We are a"non-profit" organizaton, that wants to build a facility that can sustain life on another celesial body but we also want to provide a place to practice thus our first project being the demonstrator is our first challange. With this challange we will need to work together to get along like we would if we were to live in isolation. I wish to introduce the CSWS as a movement and rather than an organization. The difference is mostly recognized internally as we build on our relationships, values and even our healthy conflict of ideas. A movement is almost always a civil place where we respect each other and work toward a common goal. It is a place where good manners and civilized discussion prevail.

It is also in a movement’s leadership that they must realize that they must rally the members to maintain the vision. This is the reason the members are there and to allow them to expand on their potential. We all know that we have a potential that is above and beyond the type of work that we do in our everyday lives. The CSWS offer a chance for those who want to do something hard and because it is hard, to move forward with ideas, to become involved in a difficult and complex challange that may be considered a seemingly impossible task.

To join our movement requires your risk of something - your time, your commitment, your energy. Yet to join a movement purely to expand on ideas that are bolder than most would even consider is a special kind of risk. No matter however or wherever we commit ourselves, we can’t avoid the central conflict of risk: as the saying goes “to risk nothing, is probably the greatest risk of all”

Michael Bakk

Captain, Calgary Space Workers Society

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